Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pie & Community

I mentioned last week that I've been busy doing a good deal of freelance writing lately. One of those new gigs is for Mrs. Wages, a purveyor of canning products. The way I came to write for Mrs. Wages is, to me, an example of the best part about blogging, and the community that doing so engenders.

A few weeks ago Marisa of Food In Jars sent me an email, giving me a head's up that Mrs. Wages was looking for a new columnist for their monthly newsletter. Marisa pens her own column for the company, where she blogs recipes and tips for canning seasonal foods. When they mentioned they were on the hunt for someone to blog about seasonal pie-making, she sent them my way, knowing I've been all kinds of busy with pie this's and that's for the past year.

And so, it's my pleasure to share with you today my first post for Mrs. Wages. Each month, I'll offer recipes for rendering pies out of the freshest seasonal offerings. For my first post, I made a scrumptious, oh-so-spring Lamb, Pea & Herb Pot Pie, as well as a creamy, dreamy, delectable Rhubarb Custard Pie. You can find the recipes for both here and see photos of each pie above. Thank you, Marisa, for thinking of me. And huge thanks also to Liz, my connection at Mrs. Wages, for bringing me into the fold!

Oh, one last thing. While I'm bursting with gratitude and gushing over blogging and connections and community, I should mention that my monthly "English Lessons" post for Verve discusses this very thing!

Pie and community. It doesn't get much better than that!


Lauren said...

The thing I love about pies is that they're made to be shared - a great communal meal!

We made our first "winter" pie here the other night - it was the first really cold day we'd had, and when it came time for dinner, it went without saying that a good pie was what was needed!

Am so glad I've discovered your blog.

Unknown said...

Oh yes lamb and rhubarb!!!

Anonymous said...

Nothing better than pie. Except pie and cream.

The Hodgepodge Darling said...

Pies and soups are my favorite. I'm all about a food that's made to be shared with others. These look lovely, can't wait to try them!

Marisa said...

I'm just so happy that it all ended up working so well!

Denise said...

I love the look of that Rhubarb pie! I'd like to try the recipe but I have what might be a dumb question (it's been one of those days!) in the first step of "Prepare the Filling" it said to melt the butter but I can't see where the amount of butter is listed. Am I missing something?

ashley said...

Denise! Oh! Goodness! Thank you SO very much for pointing that out. The amount of butter (which is 4 Tablespoons, by the way) was included in the recipe I sent to Mrs. Wages when I submitted the recipe. Somehow, in transition/translation, it was left out of the recipe itself. I've just written the company, letting them know of the discretion. Thank you, again, for your eagle eyes!!!