Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Furry Posterity

Sometimes I mean to post things and then just keep forgetting, for whatever reason, to get around to it. Such is the case with the artwork of Jessica Rhys. I'm remembering right now, so I'm posting-right now!!!

A friend of my online buddy Aaron Weintraub, Rhys is the force behind Animalia Art. Send her an image of your furry friends and she'll provide you with an original hand-painted image for posterity. The best part (aside from the art, and the idea, itself), in my opinion, is the fact that she donates 10% of profits to a selection of fantastic animal charities. You win and creatures great and small win with you! Score!

While this might be a bit late for a holiday gift, if you've got a serious pet lover in your family, keep Rhys in mind for birthday, anniversary, and "Because it's Tuesday and I love you" gifting!

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