Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Room With A View

When I met Hubs, he already owned the home we now live in. And while it definitely had a "bachelor pad" vibe to it (i.e. it was nowhere near as tidy and homey as we've since made it), he'd had some gorgeous renovations done to the place. The first time I came over and toured the space, I saw the garden tub above. I instantly loved this man for being the sort of guy who felt the need for and appreciated the sensation of bathing in a big 'old soaking tub.

I also thought that it would make an ideal place to birth in, and that was the plan with Huxley, but we all know that that didn't quite materialize the way we'd thought it would...And while that plan fell through, the tub remains a place of absolute solace and refuge.

This past autumn, Hubs painted a colorful window scape echoing our mountain setting. The painting both offers privacy when using the bathroom (even though we're in a private location, a mile down a dirt road in a big forest, we have the occasional need for privacy in there, like when we've got folks doing repairs outdoors or during dinner parties when guests are walking around in the driveway), as well as enhances the entire bathing experience with its beauty. It also serves as a hefty enticement when searching for house-sitters!

This summer, when our friends Sara and Thor came to visit, their little guy Henry (just shy of 3 years at the time) was the first toddler to break in the tub. Based on his splashing and squeals of delight, I've no doubt that Huxley will similarly enjoy the space.

Whether offering vistas of brilliantly hued autumnal foliage, winter snow, emerging tiny green leaves in spring, or flowers and fragrance from the tree located just outside the window in summer (we still aren't sure what it is, but, boy, do the honeybees and butterflies LOVE it!), this room with a view never fails to lift my spirits.


PickledAliens said...

The kind of tub that might be cool to just hang out in?? You know if you aren't in need of a bath but want to relax in there and look out the window to watch for forest creatures.

EcoGrrl said...

so lovely! i love that my bloke appreciates a good tub as well. funny this reminds me of the place i used to housesit in my early 20's - just for the chance to be in her giant soaking tub! :)

jrose said...

Wow that is so beautiful. I'd turn into a prune soaking in there every day!

wendy said...

You are a woman and a mom after my own heart and passion. I have a 22 month old daughter and live in Phoenix, AZ. As I write we are lounging in bed here in Hilton Head Island, SC where we spent the holidays with family. It's cold and rainy, no snow though, and nothing like the desert weather! What you are up to and what you have already created that will impact your son's future and the future for our planet.... I acknowledge you. Thank you for being extraordinary.
Wendy B.

ashley english said...

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