Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Snowy Cove

We've been snowed in here in our forested cove now for four days. Fortunately, we were prepared, with plenty of food on hand for man and beast alike. Also, fortunately, we really like each other and don't mind being in such close quarters for days at a stretch. Our winters are often like that anyways, snow and ice or not.

Here's a few candid shots Hubs took today whilst visiting the chicken coop to give the Ladies a fresh supply of water. The first shot shows the stone cairn atop our well, followed by our puppy Dexter, our wood supply with a glimpse of the neighboring rhododendron forest in the background (one of the sole, and much welcome, offerings of wintertime greenery around these parts), old windows Hubs intends to make into a cold frame (thankfully, we had new windows installed in 4 rooms before this current arctic blast made its way down), and an animal skull unearthed on the property.

I'll be back soon with some tips for keeping your own flock warm and happy during cooler months.

Bundle up, friends!


Fresh Eggs Farm said...

Cool skull!

Unknown said...

Tips for the wet, wet, Northwest would be much appreciated. It doesn't get very cold here usually, but my chickens get soooo wet this time of year. Thanks!