Saturday, December 11, 2010

Homemade Lip Balm

Happy Friday, everyone! My "Small Measures with Ashley" post is up over at Design Sponge. This week's topic is on making your own lip balm-perfect for your own lips and for mixing up a batch for the puckers of your nearest and dearest!

Well, Huxley and I are making our social debut today! My dear friend Jenny is hosting my annual "Ladies Cookie Exchange" at her home on my behalf (there was NO way I could pull it off this year, what with a 7-week old, and all...). I've made Martha's Mexican Wedding Cookies (they seriously need to leave the house soon; I'm losing all sense of self control with them near) and look forward to mixing and mingling with some lovely lady friends, sampling their wares and coming home with a treasure trove of delectable nibbles for Hubs and I to indulge in.

Stay warm, wherever you are! Another big snow storm is headed our way tomorrow, so it looks like we'll be hunkering down chez English, keeping the home fires burning and cuddling with the "pea pod."


Anna said...

We are getting a ton of snow here in MN. Its great, though. I've really been wanting to make lip balm and I have most of the ingredients. Thanks!

Jessie K said...

LOVE the jar decor! Tres chic!

Morgan G said...

Every month my gal pals and I get together to learn a new DIY skill. The hostess shares a little trick up her sleeve - we've done rum balls, pepper jelly and homemade vanilla extract in the past - with the rest of the group. Lip balm is a perfect addition to our lineup! Thanks for the inspiration, Ashley!

elisa said...

brilliant, to do an exchange! especially with a small babe in tow. my two are there with aprons tied on if i so much as whisper 'baking' these days. x