Friday, December 17, 2010

Hot Chocolate Gift Basket

Happy Friday, everyone! My "Small Measures with Ashley" post is up over on Design Sponge. Today's topic suggests assembling a hot chocolate-themed gift basket for holiday giving. I've also offered a recipe for "Hedonistic Hot Chocolate", a version so good it's positively scandalous!

Well, we're finally losing the remaining snow from last Saturday's 3-inch showers. It's also warming up after insanely low temperatures this week (it was 9 degrees a few mornings ago-who wants to get out from under flannel sheets, a flannel blanket, and a down comforter with a tiny baby when it's 9 degrees outside???). Depending on temperatures this week, Hubs and I might venture into town to see if any of the area tailgate markets are still open for the year.

Otherwise, I've been pining for Martha Stewart's Fennel, Orange, & Nut Biscotti ever since coming across the recipe in her 2010 Holiday Cookie magazine, so I think it's high time I made them. Hopefully my Mom will get to make it down from her snowy town on Sunday, as they past two weeks have brought weather too treacherous for her to make the one hour drive. We've been planning on baking cookies together and that magic needs to finally happen.

Wherever you are, stay warm! And drink hot chocolate!!!


Melanie J. said...

Thank you for this one! Wanted to do something besides pumpkin bread and cookies for the little extras for folks, and my mason jars are itching for use. P.S. Huxley is beautiful!

Elpi said...

The best Christmas present for the moms.