Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Little Bit More

The snow has, I believe, finally stopped (totally knocking on my wooden dining room table). It is seriously gorgeous and still and blindingly white. That said, it really needs to stop. We've more than filled our snow quota for this winter. Not complaining. Just stating the obvious.

That said, the power is on, the wood stove is lit, the tea is hot, the pets are happy (well, the chickens are less than thrilled, but, they've seen worse).

A soundtrack for your viewing pleasure (my 2010 winter anthem).

*To see more images of snowpocalypse, Round 25, go here.


cassaundra said...

das a lot of snowwww!

spring couldn't get here any faster :-)

tigress said...

gorgeous photos! i am in miami for work and i don't know...i kinda miss the snow! ;)

Pam said...

We got a little yesterday, nothing like this!

Hip Hip Gin Gin said...

Beautiful photos! I feel the same way though, we are about to get more snow tonight and tomorrow and while it is pretty to look at it's not so great to trudge through.

ALFIE said...

i love living in a state with seasons-- and here in Michigan we definately get our taste of them all-- however...i am SO ready for spring!!

your photos do a lovely job of making the snow look gorgeous, though.

just found your blog-- and am enjoying it greatly! thanks!

Anonymous said...

Truly beautiful!